Wednesday, August 04, 2004

uh, 3 cheers for the internet?

yeah to jay for being the "techie" of the group and setting up this little online party.

i have to say i was glad that so many of you shared my feelings on the reunion...i didn't want to go, but i felt kind of guilty about it, but now that i know not too many of you are going (i.e. only jay) i don't feel so bad. and, jay, that's not a personal slam...i feel quite confident that i will see you soon outside of the atmosphere of crappy high school acquaintances.

ok i think that's it for now...until i think of something a little more interesting to talk about...i'm just trying to avoid studying for my LAST FINAL EVER at the moment (but let's be serious, i'll probably end up back in school someday anyway).


ps. anyone read "ethan frome"? i'm into classics lately and finally read something i like! it's a miracle!


Blogger Jay said...

Yeah, I seem to be the "techie" of a couple of groups these days. In my small group from my church there's always someone asking me for help with something, same thing for my "old college buddies" (man it's weird to be saying that!). Kinda like being a doctor - everyone's always asking for advice and stuff. Only I didn't have to go to school for 8 years! It's cool though, I like doing it.

And yes, Rebecca, I'm also quite confident that you will end up back in school sooner rather than later!

10:08 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Ok, so I'm finally in the loop. Thanks for the invite, Jay! I'm a little confused, though; is there an easier way to view all these posts? I started out on the main page(?) of the blog, but still had to view each post to see any comments. Then I found the View Blog tab and that was a little better although still rather run-on. Is that the best way to view all the posts and comments? Enlighten me oh wise one.

Rebs- I'm trying to read "Vanity Fair" right now (the book, not the magazine), and it's going very slowly. I wanted to read the whole book before the movie comes out in early September. I think I'm enjoying it so's just hard to get into (and stay in) the 19th century dialect.

anne out.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere, Anne! The "main page" that you started out on is the "Dashboard," as Blogger calls it. It's your development area - where you can post to blogs that you are a member of, and create your own blogs! The View Blog tab that you found opens the actual homepage of this particular blog:

That is where you would go to read the blog. It's the easiest way to view posts, and where you can put comments on each post. What you describe as it being "run-on" is how it is supposed to be - sort of a continuous dialogue. Notice there are time and date stamps, and it is chronological by posting, newest being at the top.

You'll get used to it quickly.

7:51 PM  

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