Thursday, April 13, 2006

A post of it's own

So, as I alluded to in the comments, I am this close to having a job. In fact, I have a job lined up if I want it. A job that would be just a job, but not completely misery inducing. Of course, today things got much more complicated. Gather round, folks, it's story time.

As our story begins, our intrepid heroine is looking around her new home, quite impressed with the fact that everything (5000 lbs. according to the movers) was unpacked and in its place within a mere two days. But now how was she to fill her time? It was time to find a job.

The search began with the websites of area libraries, as our heroine was considering going back to library school. There were many openings for people who already had that precious piece of paper that declared them a "master," but there were a few that didn't. And better yet, there were a few that were nearby. So she applied.

Time passed, but she heard nothing. She figured competition would be tough in this metro area, so she decided to apply for something else -- something that wouldn't be her first choice, but something that wouldn't be too horrible. Nothing to do with food or the serving there of. She was far too klutzy for that. Retail, she thought. Those jobs are always in abundance. So on Monday, she turned in four applications.

At one stop, a craft store, when she handed over her application, she was immediately given a time for an interview. On Wednesday, already. So on Wednesday, she went. And apparently, she was witty and charming (or at least not horribly annoying and demanding) so she was offered a job on the spot. Since she was taken aback by the quickness of the whole process, she asked if she could have some time to process and it was agreed that she would give an answer by Friday.

Still hoping something may come from the applications she had sent out just a week before, she was hesitant to take the position. After all, it wasn't a career, it was just a job. Just a job cutting fabric or framing art and photographs. As "just a job" goes, it wouldn't be bad, but if she took it, would she be missing out on something bigger and better? Something she really wanted?

After she was talked down out of her over analytical, semi-frenzied state by objective parties, she decided to accept the job. Accept it, but still keep an eye out for what she really wanted. That next day, Thursday, she called the manager to accept, but the manager was out until Friday. However, as she needed to visit the store to purchase some supplies for a project she was working on, she could talk to the other manager if she happened to see her.

While in the store, she saw the other manager up near the registers. For some unexplained reason, she was nervous and seriously contemplated hiding in one of the aisle until the other manager moved along to a different area of the store. However, she sucked it up and walked up register to ring up her purchases, and mentioned to the other manager that she had decided to accept the job offer. However, when she got to the car, she listened to the voicemail message she had received since cell phone reception was limited inside the store. It was from a library, wanting to set up an interview with her.

Her brain went into overdrive. She began to formulate a plan:

Be honest, and say she's still interested, but there are other opportunities that could lead to a long term career. As these opportunities are also part time, there is a possibility that she could still work at the craft store, but her availability would go from completely flexible to not so much. All she needs is more time to go through the interview process and hear back. (And if these people aren't willing to work with her through this process, does she really even want to work for them, she asked herself).

Then she gets two more phone calls from two other libraries, also wanting to set up interviews.

And then her head exploded.

Craziness, I tell you. Craziness.

ten points, a gold star AND a cookie to anyone who has read this far.


Blogger Anne said...

Yay! I win! Do you need my address again so you can mail my points, gold star, and cookie to me?? :)

Congratulations on all the calls and interviews so far. Such a popular girl...I can understand why your head is exploding. I hope something wonderful falls right into place!

5:11 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

Is ten points a lot?

7:43 AM  
Blogger Jay said...

imagine this sung in my best Cookie Monster voice:

C is for cookie, that's good enough for me. Ohhhhhhhh, cookie-cookie-cookie starts with Ceeeeeee!!!

I think you should accept all the jobs. Set up your starting day for each one on a different day of the week, so you can get all your forms signed and W-2's entered into their systems. After that only go to work for the one you want. Then just hope for a payroll glitch at the other companies, so that you'll be rolling in the paychecks!

11:59 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

I think you're going to owe a lot of people cookies.

8:38 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Yeah, have any cookies been delivered yet? Congrats Dana. I'm also looking for a job but having no luck and considering going to work at the golf course, (also as I did in high school).

8:23 PM  

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