Monday, August 21, 2006

Snakes on a Plane??

I'm not up on my pop culture, but even I cannot help hearing about this one. Anyone seen it? And what's the big deal?

From what I can tell with a whole two second worth of research, it seems to be the the next "Army of Darkness," only I'm not sure that in that case there was so much hype before the movie even released.


Blogger Rebecca said...

nope, haven't seen it, but here's some hearsay:

i have a couple of colombian friends who went to it on friday, but it was so bad they walked out after 30 min. we were discussing the movie and someone (american) said that it was "campy" we had a fun time trying to explain that term to the colombians. basically i think it's so bad (and the actors, producers, publicists, etc.) know that it's so bad that they're trying to hype it up as much as possible to make people go see it just for conversational reasons. they'll make their money that way too, i guess.

oh, i also heard that it was originally supposed to be titled something else (the name of the flight or something not as obvious) but they wanted to pique interest and let people know exactly what it's about. good job, eh?

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