Friday, August 13, 2004

State fair weather

Can you all believe this nice weather!!! I've lived my whole life in Iowa waiting for a summer where i didn't sweat to beat the band every day!!

Jay, I had heard about Nathan. I talked to him sometime in June and he had just gotten back from throwing at Wrigley for a bunch of MLB scouts.

Rebecca, as far as reading goes, I try to stay within the bounds of material that has glossy pages, magagzines, newspaper coupon sections, wall calenders and the like.

anyway. I need to go now and do something outside!!! It will be kinda hard. my boss doesn't like it when I go outside and play.

r knox


Blogger Jay said...

I am not happy with this weather - it is bad for business at my company! We need to sell air conditioners during the summer!

Anybody want to hire me if we go out of business?

4:50 PM  

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