Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Out with a Bang

Well, the dorms I called home were blown to bits today.

No more will students have to walk under plywood atop chain-link fence to prevent such bodily injuries as getting clocked by falling facade.

Never again will water stream down the stairs like a waterfall, when some drunken idiot decided it would be funny to create a flood by stopping up the sink in the 10th floor kitchenette.

No one will ever have to carry their friend with a broken ankle down 6 flights of stairs at 3 am because some moron pulled the fire alarm.

No one will ever have to climb 11 (10 plus the mezzanine) flights of stairs to get to the top when the elevators are broken.

Never again will girls wonder why on Earth their are urinals in their bathrooms on an all girl's floor.

No more will water swish in the toilets on 10th floor on a breezy day.

Just for the record, I didn't spend an unusual amount of time in the bathrooms.

And even though I couldn't be there myself, and have yet to watch it on the web because I refuse to download a Microsoft plug-in (why, oh why couldn't they just use QuickTime?) I have my own little piece of Towers to treasure forever, a genuine piece of that crumbling facade. Not quite as cool, or historical, as, let's say, the Berlin Wall, but still.

Ah, the memories. And that's just what was directly related to the building, never mind the crazy people that brought an atmosphere to the place unlike any other residence association...

It was worth the walk.


Blogger Anne said...

Oh, how sad....yet at the same time-- it's about freakin' time! I think it's hilarious that the "temporary housing" that was built when my aunt went to ISU has finally bit the dust...30 years later! Surprisingly, they showed a clip of it on the noon news here in the cities (maybe it's Jeanette Trumpeter's influence). And my mom told me she saw a "coming up" clip for Inside Edition of the implosion. This is big time stuff people!!

6:52 PM  

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