Sunday, July 31, 2005

Speaking of football....

Anyone planning on going to some ISU football games this fall? Or band competitions or any other fall events? Does anyone still go to band competitions (Jay)? I was thinking I should investigate what Minnesota has for competitions...Can you say Waseca and Rosemount? Anyone still have siblings in HS??


Blogger Jay said...

No, I'm not planning on going to some ISU football games this fall...Go Hawkeyes! And Vikings! (Augustana Vikings, that is.)

Yes, I will still be attending band competitions - my brother Kyle will be a Senior this year. He's snare section leader and set drummer for the jazz band. By the way, he is also marching for the Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps this summer, playing snare. I've been to about 3 competitions with my parents to see him.

Anne, you should also look to see Irondale HS - they've got an awesome marching band as well.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

Jay- How did I not know you were a Hawk fan?! Blasphemy!

There are a few band competitions already listed on -- Minnesota seems like a hardcore marching band state. Did you ever live up here, Jay? Why do I think that...? One competition, in Champlin (a far north suburb of the cities) shows that both Ankeny and Dowling competed there last year. I also noticed the the Southwest Iowa Band Jamboree (aka Clarinda) is still going strong. What a trip that was!

8:49 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

You are correct'am! I lived in Roseville (suburb of St. Paul) from about 1990-95. Then I moved to lovely Osky to meet all you wonderful people! I was there for 4th-8th grade. I started playing trumpet under Pat Moriarty at Moundsview North middle school summer band. My dad taught and coached and Northwestern College when we lived there. (And my sister went there for her first two years of college.) I really liked it up there, I've always thought that'd be a cool place to live again.

Ahh, Clarinda. Yes, we p0wned that place, didn't we. I remember we beat Urbandale for overall (when we were still 3A and they were 4A) and they got pissed and never went back there! I also remember playing some fun soccer with random people from other schools.

8:24 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

It's all starting to come together! I'm glad I'm not making things up about your life. The UPS location I'm working at right now isn't too far from Roseville. It's actually where we head for lunch or to run errands. That's cool how your dad taught at Northwestern. I listen to KTIS (their Christian radio station) every day :)

Where is your sister now? Did she enjoy living/going to school up here?

As for Clarinda, I remember the first year I was DM and we won almost every award imaginable...I thought I was going to wear my arms out saluting every other minute!

10:02 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

Congratulations, Anne, it only took you 10 years to figure it all out! ;)

Holy crap, I don't think I've ever consciously thought about that - I've known you guys for 10 years now. That's officially the longest friendship period for me, due to my living in 4 different states! That's pretty cool to me!

Yup, good ol' Roseville. Go Raiders! I know about KTIS - is Dan Wynia still on the air? I knew his son Nathan really well - I went to his church Wednesday nights for AWANA meetings. And my sister and his sister were also friends.

Meredith is currently living in Canton, OH. She attended Malone College there last school year, and got an apartment with another girl this summer while she's working a couple part-time jobs. She did really enjoy Northwestern and the Twin Cities - especially the social aspect! She even got to re-connect with a couple of her good friends from when we lived there before. Have you heard about Club 3 Degrees? It's some kind of Christian concert venue. I've never been there, but apparently Meredith and her friends went there quite often when she was at Northwestern. It sounds really cool. link

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