Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hey Rebecca

If you're out there. And since I don't think I have your email address.

I just found out that we're going to be based out of Denver, which means I can finally truly consider going back and getting my MLS since

A) The University of Denver has an ALA accredited program
B) We'll be in one place long enough for me to the degree
C) We'll be staying put long enough for me to actually use that degree rather than just constantly being on the job hunt as we move every two years

So I was wondering if I could pick your brain...

For one thing, did you go back full time or part time? Did it take you a year or longer? You specialized in school libraries, didn't you?

I'm just curious. I'm not 100% sure that getting my MLS is the route that I'll go with, but it is definitely a front runner of all of my options.


Blogger Rebecca said...

hey! yeah, i'm barely out here. anne had to send me a facebook message to get me to check the blog. i think i lost faith during the few months when nothing was happening.

anyhow, i think library school is a great idea! to answer your question, i went back super full-time. i took 15 hours in the spring, 15 in the fall, and 6 over the summer to finish the program in a year. they certainly don't recommend doing it that quickly, but i just wanted to get done, so i did. :)

i specialized in public libraries, actually, because that's what i wanted to do...but then i ended up getting this job in a school library, so now i have to go back for more classes. go figure. anyway, i think it would be great for you to go back either full time or part time - either way, i'd try to get a TA position or just a part-time page job in a public library while you're doing it. it seemed like when people were looking for jobs at the end of the program, those who had done part-time work while they were in school had lots of opportunities.

and cheers for realizing that the ALA accreditation is very important. although it's not necessary in school library so much, if you want to do almost anything else, your degree needs to be accredited.

if you have any other questions, feel free to email me... it's

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