Monday, August 16, 2004

recovery period

I was just wondering what the festivities were like on the weekend of the 7th of August.
It has been a week since then and I expected to hear some rummors and gossip that I missed. At first I thought maybe the activities and events of the get together were too much for those who attended and they were still recovering from the excitement.

... but now i think they are just lazy and don't like me. (just kidding).

Seriously, I would like to know how things went .



Blogger Jay said...

Don't kid yourself, Lazy is my first, middle, and last name! The reunion also was tiring - we played a couple rousing games of volleyball! I first got on a team with a few stars from Cindy Gray's great teams: Stephanie Tucker, Allison Lang, Megan Somethingorother...Anyway - I was excited cause I was with the ringers. However, it appears they have lost a step or two since high school! Yeah, it was funny.

Anyway, the Hy-Vee catering was great, but there were a TON of leftovers - 25 people can only eat so much! The attendees were quite a, shall we say, motley crew.

Eric Baumgarth
Phil Anderson
Wes Riggs
Adam Stevens
Ben Martin
Paul Ryan
Jonah Woods
Joe Rosendal
Amber Horn
Stephanie Tucker
Allison Lang
Shauna Vandermeiden
Katy Lofgren
Sarah Voss
Angie Nicholson
Sarah Moore
Rachael Kuntz
Janet Oberhauser

There were a few others who I can't remember cause I didn't even talk to them.

I was there at Edmunson for maybe 3 hours. Then everyone sort of left. There was supposedly going to be more festivities (read: local bar hopping) that evening, which I did not attend.

It was kinda weird, as most of the people there I was only casual aquaintainces with. But it was a fairly sociable event. It seems that after 5 years most people are at least mature enough to have a conversation with you no matter how well they knew you in high school.

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