Thursday, October 21, 2004

Minnesohtah, eh?

Alrighty, here I go...

I graduated from ISU in May 2003 and that month came and went without a job offer. My family and I then trekked across the pond to visit Great Britain with Michelle Beaver's family (before she did ChemE labs in London) that June. By that time I think I had interviewed with a handful of companies and was emailing my resume out to tons of people. When we got back from England, there was a message on our answering machine from UPS in Minnesota. Very random...I think my resume was on file from when I interviewed for internships. I was progressing in interviews with a small company in Ankeny and then went to Minneapolis to interview with UPS. In the end I got two job offers and went with UPS for various reasons that seemed logical at the time.

So now I've been living in the Twin Cities since September 2003 and I am about halfway through my management trainee program. At the end of two years, I am supposed to be promoted to Supervisor. During those two years the trainees are supposed to get rotated through different areas and gain experience. For about a year, I was working with extended package centers (Brainerd, Albert Lea, Duluth...). Recently I was moved to the Eagan/St. Paul building and I now work mainly with metro package centers. In both assignments I support the package centers with information, auditing, work measurement-- process improvement basically. I like it pretty well, but I'm itching for another rotation; this time into a hub or feeder area so I can see the other side of the operation. Hopefully I will get that after Peak (aka Christmas).

I suppose Minnesota is a pretty cool state. Minnesotans like to think so anyway. You wouldn't believe the response I get when I tell people I'm from Iowa. It's like our response to Missouri or Arkansas. The Twin Cities are a happening place and there's plenty of opportunity to do anything you'd like. I'm sloooowwwly getting to know more people and I'm growing to somewhat like the state (despite is scorn for Iowa), but I seriously think I'll end up back in Iowa someday (maybe sooner than I think). I don't know how much better it is than least you get Big 12 coverage and more of a summer than 2.5 months!

I hope this fills in some holes for people. Like Dana said...Ask and I can probably come up with more :)



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