Sunday, October 31, 2004

Travel Plans?

Ok, new topic. I was wondering if anyone had any fun (or boring) travel plans coming up. I think my next trip will be at Thanksgiving when I fly down to Texas where my mom's side of the family will be gathered. I am very excited to see my cute little cousins again and to (hopefully) experience some warmer weather. Plus I'm looking forward to cornbread stuffing and mashed potatoes!! Yum.


Blogger Dana said...

Brent and I are heading back to Iowa this month, not for Thanksgiving, but for the Living History Farms race the weekend before Thanksgiving. We're going to meet up with my sisters and some friends from college to run 6.1 miles through cornfields, woods, creeks and up a few hills that require ropes to ascend. It's always a muddy good time and with any luck my shoe strings won't freeze this year.

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