Thursday, December 16, 2004

the burrow

well, i'm a week away from christmas vacation (finally) and 5 days after that we finish our first semester. we're on block scheduling, so i see my kids for 90 minutes every day and they finish a year of material in a semester...supposedly. anyway, the point is that in spanish II i just finished teaching THE PRETERITE. these kids are so far behind. at osky we started learning the preterite at the end of spanish I. needless to say, i'm trying to cram this stuff into their heads as quickly (yet effectively) as possible. all i have to say is that i've been relying heavily on the burrow's material these last few weeks...and if it's possible, i actually respect that man even more. whoa. in the last 3 weeks, i've taught the present perfect, past perfect, future, future perfect, conditional, and conditional perfect....all to spanish III. they're going to kill me when it comes time for their final exam!! anyway...the entire point of this message is that today i was teaching irregular preterite verbs. the kids loved it...especially when we got to the preterite of PONER (say it with me all you former spanish students)....puse, pusiste, puso....wait, hang on, did miss foster just say "PUSE"????? believe me, it's a lot funnier when you're sitting in the desk snickering than when you're at the front of the room trying to give disapproving looks to all the snicker-ers. i was very proud of myself for not giving in and laughing myself. maybe i've finally matured. ;)


Blogger Jay said...

AH YES, I remember it well...Boo to maturity though! I'm laughing out loud right now just from reading PUSE! Ok, back to slaughtering aliens. Halo, hala, halamos, hala, halais, halan...

11:34 PM  

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