Sunday, December 04, 2005

Attention Band Geeks, pt. 2 (and 3)

There are 2 parts to this story (and one quiz question), so please keep reading...

part 2:
In true Band Geek fashion, Michelle was super excited when she opened up a band hat with her other birthday gifts on Nov. 22. She now has it hanging on the wall in her room along with a pink plume that she stole and dyed before the Ankeny show her senior year.

part 3:
While I was at home for Thanksgiving, Daniel, Michelle, and I networked our computers together so we could trade files...nothing illegal, of course.... Anyway, in Michelle's library I happened upon the audio files of the marching band shows from when Kristen and Michelle were in high school. So here's your quiz question. Put the following band shows in order, beginning in 1998 and ending in 2003. (I know this might be a tall order given that the band geeks in this forum were only involved in one of the shows, but I thought some of you might remember at least the show from the year after we graduated - and Jay, you might be able to remember more since you've been to see them at least as many times as I have since we graduated. Truth be told, I'm just trying to label them right in my iTunes library, so this is more of a favor than a quiz question...but anyway...)

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Good luck, and let me know if you want any of the audio files...I'd be happy to send them to you.


Blogger Jay said...

I believe this is the correct order...I can always check with Kyle to confirm.

Batman - 2003
Beatles - 2001
Blood, Sweat & Tears - 99
Chicago - 2000
Evita - 2002
Kansas - 98

I'm jealous of Michelle, I hope I'm getting a similar gift from Santa!

8:27 AM  

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