Friday, March 17, 2006


A week from today, we're packing up and moving out. Chicago-bound baby.

Well, at least I will be. There's a chance Brent may be holing up in a hotel and working out of his car for a bit longer, cleaning up other people's messes. That's what you get for being the responcible one, I suppose.

But we're actually, factually, and FINALLY moving! No more false alarms. No more pseudo 60 day notices for vacating our apartment that turn into 120 day notices (thankfully, we have a very understanding apartment manager, otherwise we'd be homeless three times over by now!). There had been rumors starting around this time last year that we'd be moving late summer, early fall...2005. Then it became "by the end of the year." And since Christmas, it's been "by the end of the month" each month since. But now, now the moving company has been called, the utilities scheduled to be cut off at this end, and started at our new place, not to mention we actually have a new place. It's for real this time.

And the new place is perfect for us -- something we'd consider buying if not for the fact we'll be moving again in two years. We're renting the lower level of old farmhouse that now sits on a corner lot in a far western suburb, two blocks from the Fox River. Three bedrooms with brand-new carpet, fireplace, HUGE kitchen, massive screened-in porch, two car garage (detached, but hey, you can't have everything). The town seems to have that small town charm with the downtown businesses, parks and trails along the river, yet has all the amenities you could need.

So I'm excited. We're excited. One week.


Blogger Rebecca said...

congratulations! that's awesome.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Are you in Chicago yet?

1:44 PM  

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