Friday, February 23, 2007

i'm back online!

so it's been a rough couple of weeks. i'm taking 15 hours again this semester, and teaching 5, so i'm pretty busy. 2 weeks ago yesterday, my computer just stopped turning on. i had to send it in to be fixed (luckily, i still had applecare, so it didn't cost me anything). it came back a week ago completely wiped clean - i'd lost everything (luckily, i had backed it up at christmas, so i didn't totally lose everything). the next day, it kept freezing up and i couldn't get anything to work right, so i had to send it in again. i just got it back yesterday, and i've copied my stuff back from my parents' computer, but it's a saga i'd rather not repeat. at any rate, it really proved to me how much i depend on this stupid thing. schoolwork notwithstanding, i was pretty ridiculous.

although i guess i'm glad it was my computer and not my cell phone...i really would have been crazy without that.

these kids and their technology...sheesh.


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