Thursday, August 19, 2004


Has everyone been watching the Olympics? Unfortunately, I have every night this week. Going to sleep at 11 PM doesn't work so well when a person is trying to get up the next morning at 5:30! Oh well, the weekend is almost here and I'll just catch up then :) There have been some pretty amazing performances the last few evenings. Last night's Men's All Around gymnastic final was amazing!

I had a wonderful week of vacation last week...choosing to spend it all in the lovely state of Iowa. (Coming back to work...not so wonderful) I would recommend everyone visit's pretty cool for a town half the size of Osky (not that Osky's all that rave-able). Shout-out to Miss of the newest high school Spanish teachers to hit the above-mentioned town. FYI, she and Lisa Wilson were both recently hired on in Winterset to teach Spanish. Two great choices, IMO :) Any comment on your week of orientation, Rebs??

The only "problem" with my vacation in Iowa was the weather. I agree that it's nice not to have to sweat every day in August, but it shouldn't feel like I never left the state of Minnesota! I did enjoy the 78 degree temps last Saturday at the state fair, though. The weather hasn't gotten any warmer up here...overnight temp in Embarrass, MN-- 29 degrees! In August!



Blogger Jay said...

I chose to forego gymnastics for an even more mind-numbing event, Synchronized Diving! Wow, that's just what we need. But seriously, my highlight was the Iraqi Men's Soccer team - that was awesome!

I have been through Winterset, but never stopped there. Never read the book, never seen the movie. Call me un-cultured.

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