Sunday, February 13, 2005

my very high-school weekend

i suppose it should be expected that as a 24-year-old teaching high school, i will feel a little nostalgic from time to time. i mean, not a "oh man, i wish i could be back in high school" kind of nostalgia, but more like a "well, we had some good times...but man i'm glad to be on the flip side" kind of nostalgia. anyway, i spent all day friday driving to okaboji (carroll's fine, anne) and then friday afternoon and saturday morning i judged a debate tournament. DEBATE! let's remember, first of all, that we didn't even have debate in high school, and even if we had, i would have been faaaaaaaaaar away from that activity. don't ask me how i got roped into spending a whole weekend around scary future lawyers, but it was about as horrific as i had imagined it would be. the debates were all about the flat tax.....zzzzzzz. i guess i'm just not that political. but the point of all this is that it reminded me so much of state solo & ensemble contests in high school, with kids everywhere, complaining about judges in the hallways, making out under blankets, crying in the bathroom, singing "bohemian rhapsody" in the suburban on the way home....ick. i knew i had arrived at adulthood when i was so glad to get home to my own apartment where it was quiet and i could curl up with "little house on the prairie" and a glass of milk. :)

happy valentine's day, everyone. survive it at the very least. and married people, try not to be too smug. in return, i will not be smug about not having to even think about buying a valentine's gift this year. love to all!


Blogger Dana said...

Isn't it nice how you can outgrow high school, but yet there are some simple child-like pleasures you never outgrow?

I love how your "adulthood" included "Little House on the Prairie" (book or tv series?) and milk. All you needed was a chocolate chip cookie.

8:59 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Yay! Shout out to Carroll! You should have stopped by the sister restaurant to Mi Ranchito-- Rancho Grande-- and met some more Hispanic hotties! ..."your eyes are like a cat's..." Hehe :)

7:50 PM  

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