Thursday, March 05, 2009

10-Year Reunion

Good Morning All,

I have spoke with Joe Flaharty, owner of Doc Salami's in Oskaloosa.
He has reserved Friday, June 26th at 8PM for our Class Reunion.
We will more than likely be in the downstairs part of the restaurant because of the amount of people that I hope attend.
There will be an abbreviated menu, which I am still working on.

The dinner on Friday will be adults only. You are welcome to bring a guest.
I have yet to get a meal price worked out. It should be some time this week.

If enough people are interested, we can have a family picnic on Saturday, but outside of coming up with a time and place, it will not be a structured event.

Anyone that has any ideas or would like input, please feel free to contact me through facebook or email (
I am sorry for anyone that has a conflict with the above date, but it is going to be impossible for any one date to work for everyone.




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