Sunday, August 22, 2004

as promised...

hey guys,

i promised anne i'd post something before she came to winterset over a week you think i'm still within the "grace period" on that? anyway, now that my camera is finally communicating with my computer, i can show you a picture of the ever-so-lovely bridges of madison county, and also one of anne and me at the top of this one tower long as everything works right. i'm still kinda (or very) new to this whole blog thing. this guy i knew used to make me read his all the time in college, and that sort of turned me off them...but if it's a conversation with you guys instead of reading one person's depressing musings about his own less-than-stellar life, i'm in.

anyhow, guess what i discovered today? the comments section after every posting! yeah for me! oh, and props to jay for posting the audio clip. however, negative props to jay for a)not calling me back and b)not telling us any valuable info about the reunion! i understand that those of us who didn't go can't really demand information that we could have gotten very easily ourselves by just turning up, but jay, you did promise to tell us how it went at least.

that's it for now...feel free to respond with comments (now that i know those exist) and hopefully you can see the pictures i posted.

later, rebecca

oh, i almost forgot the whole reason i got on here tonight in the first new contact info!
310 S John Wayne Dr Apt 5
Winterset, IA 50273
cell: (641)660-7986


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