Friday, September 03, 2004

Congrats all around

Hey everyone,
Anne reminded me to check the Blog and I thought I'd post something so then it won't just be her and Rebecca posting. Congrats to you Rebecca on the new position, that is totally awesome. And congrats to you Anne, on your one year anniversary with UPS. (I just sent three packages of soybeans via UPS yesterday, you'll have to check and see that they will get to Ohio on time) Today is actually my six month anniversary with Cargill at Cedar Rapids. My how time flies. In honor of the event I took the day off. I'm heading back to MN for the weekend to see the family, but had to run some errands and clean my house (EEEK!) before I leave. Right now I'm avoiding my vacuuming by eating lunch and surfing the internet. Anyway, I think we should post more pictures like Rebecca did, because those are fun to look at. I'll see if I can figure out how to do it now (and continue avoiding the vacuum). Alright, here I go.


Blogger Jay said...

Aw, it's so nice that everyone is being so successful! I'm glad to see that some of our class is. At the reunion i'd bet that half the 25 or so people who were there were still in some form of school...pretty sad! I do not have any anniversary right now, but I will just report that I have been working at my company (Republic Companies) for about 2.5 years. First as an intern, then full time after graduation.

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