Monday, September 05, 2005

Lisa is married! (and other big news...)

hello all! hope you all had a great labor day weekend. mine was nothing if not eventful, and i was happy to have today to rest a little.

well, lisa and ben were married yesterday in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in winterset. lisa is now officially lisa kreyer, and i don't think she could possibly be any happier (until she has a kid or two, that is). she looked gorgeous, and the wedding was perfect. it was a hot, sunny day, and a bit breezy, but the guests and wedding party survived the day. the happy couple are in duluth for the honeymoon this week.

mark and his wife amanda stayed with me (and mark has assured me he will soon be joining in the festivities of our blog), and we had a nice time catching up. other than mark, jake, and me, the only other person from high school was amanda beaver! she and her boyfriend made the trip. it was nice to catch up with her and hear her news, which is....

michelle is getting married! (i have amanda's permission to spill this news, by the way.) apparently she met her husband-to-be at church in cedar rapids, and they're getting married in a few weeks and then moving to seattle. that's really about all i know, so you'll have to bug her for the specifics....which, by the way, i thought she was a member of the blog and might have thought to inform us of these events before now! ;)

well, i guess that's about it, so i'll leave you with a few pictures of the wedding. have a nice week, everyone! go iowa state!


Blogger Jay said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, Reb - very cool!

I also went to a wedding on Sunday, but I don't believe any of you know anyone involved.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Just to give credit where credit is due: The wedding went off so well in large measure due to the efforts of our own Rebecca Sue Foster. Not only was she almost tireless in helping (she did get a little tired), she also also did it all when she should have been in bed getting over a cold.
Hope you're feeling better!

8:05 PM  

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