Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Weather 157 and counting, Dana 3

So it's not raining...for the But that doesn't mean it's not raining over at the trail where I normal am at this hour, running. It also doesn't mean that even if it's not raining over there right now, it could be raining by the time I get over there.

My dilemma: to run, or not to run. And here's another thing, if I blow off my run, I know it's not going to rain, but if I do attempt to go for a run, it will be in the middle of a downpour with serious lightning. As some of you may or may not know, I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid. So what's a girl to do?

Update: I just finished this sentence and now it's raining.

When I told people I was moving down to North Carolina, the most consistent rave review of the state was in reference to the weather. But I'm far from convinced.

Last week, Carmen came down to spend here spring break here in warm, sunny North Carolina. It's not Florida by any means, but you'd think it would be warmer than Iowa. "You'd think" being the key phrase.

The first two days she was here, we went to DC, where the weather was brisk, but tolerable. We planned to spend the remainder of the week camping on the Outer Banks, gallivanting up and down the coast and frollicking in the Atlantic. But instead, we spent time holed up in my apartment, watching movies. It rained. And snowed. The whole time she was here.

Then we got a call from my mom, just checking in. And here's the kicker: it was warm and sunny back in good ol' Oskaloosa the day that it snowed and we couldn't go out and play.

The weather gods hate us. But apparently not as much as they hate Robert.


Blogger Jay said...

Not much better here in Davenport. We'll have 2 days of 30 degree weather, then 2 days of 50 degrees, but 20 degrees at night. And last night/this morning it snowed a couple of inches. Then this afternoon it was 48 and sunny and it all melted. Looks like tonight it's gonna be 25 and freezing rain.

Anyone like Lewis Black as much as I do? This makes me think of an appropriate rant. Stop me if you've heard it before. :)

"The weather these days is out of control. I was in Boston last week and I experienced FIVE different seasons in the same day. When you hear thunder outside, and go to the window to look out, you have an expectation. And it's not SNOW with LIGHTNING behind it! They don't even talk about that kind of weather in the Bible! It changes every day - the weather's 90, then it's 20, then 80, then 12...and my balls can't take it! Apparently I can't have kids now 'cause my sperm are gagging. And I know what the next season is gonna be: locusts!"

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