Saturday, April 23, 2005

Graduation time

After talking to my mom last night, it sounds like Mark is finally leaving the world of higher education least for a while. He and Brad Sandor will both be graduating from their respective degree programs this May. I hear Mark is going to look for a job teaching social studies while his wife begins a master's program in Spanish. Sounds like a two-person Mr. Burrow!

Brad will be moving out to LA with a playwriting friend of his to try to make it big. He even has his own website. Does anyone know what major he decided on? International mojo??

So, I don't know who may be lurking out there reading this blog, but if Mr. Mark is out there, pop on and say hi (and feel free to correct any of the above information!).

Anyone else graduating from something this spring? Or starting something new? Ready for that first year of teaching to wrap up soon, Rebecca? :)


Blogger Dana said...

Wow, it does seem like Mr. & Mrs. Sandor-the-Eldest are well on their way to emulating Mr. Burrow.

It also sounds like the middle Sandor is striving to be the next Ashton Kutcher (i.e. Iowan to make it big in Hollywood. I was thinking of using Elijah Woods for the comparison, but somehow I see Brad as more of an Ashton.) Any thoughts on what actress 15 years older than him can be the "Demi" to his "Ashton?"

10:21 AM  

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