Friday, April 15, 2005

Need a reason to party?

It's Tax Day! Everybody join in the conga line to the post office!

What is that, you say? The day that the IRS takes away your hard earned money via ridiculously complicated process full of cryptic forms only to squander it on things like super-duper-deluxe toilet paper in the Congressional restrooms (okay, so the government probably doesn't do this, but doesn't it sometimes feel like they do?) isn't a time to celebrate?

Okay fine. How about this for an excuse to party:


Yes, today we can celebrate the existence of Mr. Collman and leave all our troubles behind us.

So today, I wish you a pleasant day.

And may you all be getting refunds.


Blogger Jay said...

Dana -

Thanks very much for that rousing birthday greeting! I plan on celebrating! It's Friday, and I've got nice weather and everything!

And I did already get my refund, over a month ago!

I think I use too many exclamation marks!!!!!

12:42 PM  

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