Sunday, April 10, 2005

more winterset news

whoa, this town hasn't had such an explosion of news/gossip since they found out i was coming to town! ;) anyway, there's a new development at whs i thought you all might like to hear about... apparently tony stewart has been hired to teach here next year! he's going to be teaching part-time social studies, part-time alternative school and coaching something i think. anyway, the kids are already talking about how there's going to be a new "young & cute" teacher... they thought it was pretty funny when i told them i knew him already! don't worry, even before meeting him people are already trying to hook us up (the kids are obsessed with their single teachers' love lives, a topic which is definitely off limits in my class!)... luckily he has a girlfriend and hopefully still will at the beginning of the year...that way we can avoid the rumor mill as much as possible. no need, people, no need!


Blogger Jay said...

Wow, what is it about Winterset? I dub thee Oskaloosa II.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

As a side note, I don't think I told you guys about this. Do you remember Diana Moeller? She is a year older than us and graduated from Osky. I sort of knew her from Cross Country, but we weren't friends or anything. At any rate, she moved here to Davenport after finishing college at Northern Iowa, and we randomly met at the church we both started attending a couple of years ago! We are both members of the church now and are part of the same weekly small group - she and her husband are good friends of mine now. Kinda funny!

1:10 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Oskaloosa II...Awesome! You have definitely started a trend, Rebecca! Those Winterset school board members know a good HS diploma when they see one!

I know what you mean about teenagers planning hook ups for you. The HS gals in the youth group at my church are always trying to "help me out". Their youth pastor got married this weekend, so they were all a-flutter to find me an impromptu date at the reception! :)

7:02 PM  

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