Sunday, October 31, 2004

Travel Plans?

Ok, new topic. I was wondering if anyone had any fun (or boring) travel plans coming up. I think my next trip will be at Thanksgiving when I fly down to Texas where my mom's side of the family will be gathered. I am very excited to see my cute little cousins again and to (hopefully) experience some warmer weather. Plus I'm looking forward to cornbread stuffing and mashed potatoes!! Yum.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

So has the novelty worn off?

Or am I the only one with too much time on my hands? You people are making me feel like a big loser!

Friday, October 22, 2004


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I forgot I scanned this earlier this month. In any case, it's high time I shared it.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Minnesohtah, eh?

Alrighty, here I go...

I graduated from ISU in May 2003 and that month came and went without a job offer. My family and I then trekked across the pond to visit Great Britain with Michelle Beaver's family (before she did ChemE labs in London) that June. By that time I think I had interviewed with a handful of companies and was emailing my resume out to tons of people. When we got back from England, there was a message on our answering machine from UPS in Minnesota. Very random...I think my resume was on file from when I interviewed for internships. I was progressing in interviews with a small company in Ankeny and then went to Minneapolis to interview with UPS. In the end I got two job offers and went with UPS for various reasons that seemed logical at the time.

So now I've been living in the Twin Cities since September 2003 and I am about halfway through my management trainee program. At the end of two years, I am supposed to be promoted to Supervisor. During those two years the trainees are supposed to get rotated through different areas and gain experience. For about a year, I was working with extended package centers (Brainerd, Albert Lea, Duluth...). Recently I was moved to the Eagan/St. Paul building and I now work mainly with metro package centers. In both assignments I support the package centers with information, auditing, work measurement-- process improvement basically. I like it pretty well, but I'm itching for another rotation; this time into a hub or feeder area so I can see the other side of the operation. Hopefully I will get that after Peak (aka Christmas).

I suppose Minnesota is a pretty cool state. Minnesotans like to think so anyway. You wouldn't believe the response I get when I tell people I'm from Iowa. It's like our response to Missouri or Arkansas. The Twin Cities are a happening place and there's plenty of opportunity to do anything you'd like. I'm sloooowwwly getting to know more people and I'm growing to somewhat like the state (despite is scorn for Iowa), but I seriously think I'll end up back in Iowa someday (maybe sooner than I think). I don't know how much better it is than least you get Big 12 coverage and more of a summer than 2.5 months!

I hope this fills in some holes for people. Like Dana said...Ask and I can probably come up with more :)


Introducing the Husband

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Everyone, I'd like you to meet Brent.

Yes, we met at Iowa State. Our sophomore year he moved onto Coover, the 2nd floor in my building, and my escape from my succession of awful roommates. Anyway, I had the pleasure of starting out that school year with a nasty case of mono (note: never ever live in a frat house for the summer, despite the cheap cost. I'm lucky I came away with just mono and not Ebola or some other disease contracted from monkeys. Yes, I am comparing frat boys to monkeys.)
Ever since the middle of my freshman year, I'd hung out with, ate with, ran with and played ultimate Frisbee with the Coover guys and apparently they thought I was cool enough to come up in a large herd to see me when I was sick. Some of the floor veterans rounded up every new guy on the floor and they made the journey four floors up. Their banging on my door awoke me from my stupor, so I crawled out of my loft, preparing to muster all the strength I had to yell at them. In the end, I couldn't really yell, but I must have looked pathetic enough for them to go away. I've been told that Brent was in that group, so that was technically our first meeting. I don't really remember too much, and I didn't even fill my codeine prescription. When I was finally feeling better enough to want to get the hell out of my room, I wandered down to Coover and sat between the elevators, eating my KFC mashed potatoes and biscuits (yum!) and Brent came over, sat by me for awhile and we actually had our first conversation. And no, it wasn't Earth shattering enough for me to even remember the topic or topics covered.

We did the classic friends first thing until we both headed down to the Bowl in Phoenix. For whatever reason on that trip, things just clicked, despite the fact that some other girl that had a crush on him was trying to woo him with "Get Better Bears" (an attempt to get children to take their medicine by making it look like a bear-shaped lollipop. Oh, and he was actually sick.). Neither of us actually asked the other person out, but that worked just fine for us.

Fast forward to our senior year when I decided to head to Muncie, IN and Ball State for my final semester of class work and Brent took an internship near Akron, OH. We drove 4 hours one-way to visit each other on the weekends. IM was a godsend since we both suck at talking on the phone. We got through that, and then I took an internship in Wisconsin while he was still working on his in Ohio. Luckily, Kenosha is just over the WI/IL border, and therefore close to O'Hare. Being the intern at a daily paper, I was stuck with the Saturday night shift, so I couldn't get away for the weekends, so Brent did all the flying. The weekend of the 4th of July, he came, gave me a ring that I'd picked out, and we called our parents to tell them we were planning on getting married. In fact, we called my parents while finding a decent vantage point to shoot fireworks since I was in charge of the token fireworks photo for the next day's issue. None of this was a shock and/or surprise since we'd been talking about the whole marriage thing for a while. No elaborate proposal here.

We finished out that summer in Wisconsin and Ohio. After that, his internship pushed back his graduation and he was back at ISU, so I looked for a job in Iowa, found one, and we were in the same state, albeit 4 hours away, (I just realized that we were about the same distance apart time-wise when I was in Indiana and he Ohio) for the first time in eight months. Finally, this May, he graduated, and one week later, we got married.

I realize that you may want more details (such as wedding details...and to settle this now, yes, I did wear a dress, and no, it wasn't white), and this really doesn't tell you anything about him as a person (side note: he was a construction engineering major, and anyone in the industry knows that the construction engineer is the arch nemesis of the architect, and vice versa. Our life together today would probably be much more complicated if I stayed in architecture.), but this has gotten really, really long. I'll take a poll...if you want more, let me know and there shall be more.

Monday, October 18, 2004


Maybe I'm nosy, but I'm not sure what everyone is doing, so I want to know :) For example, Dana never answered my question about her husband. Anne, I know you're in Minnesota, but what do you do? (BTW, I'm jealous - Minnesota sounds so much better than red-state Nebraska!) Anyone else who hasn't shared enough details of their life on this board should speak up now!!

home sick

now i'm not trying to ask for sympathy or anything like that, i'm really just looking for something to do while i'm at home sick on a monday afternoon. i tried searching for entertainment on tv, but the black hole of daytime television didn't do much to keep me entertained, or even occupied. i'll have to settle for watching "the fellowship of the ring" and catching up with all of you. :)

i think it's a little ironic that in my first 2 months of teaching, i've taken 2 sick days....and that's about 2 more than i ever took in high school! i was talking to my sister kristen online lastnight (she's in london and yesterday was her 21st birthday, anybody else feel old??) and i told her i was mad because i tried everything i could not to get sick, but a whole bunch of kids have been coming to school sick lately...i hate it when they do that! and kristen smugly responded "oh, like when we always went to school sick in high school?" hmmm, looks like my past has come back to bite me in the butt once again.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

How I became a photographer...

photo booth
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Because when I'm on the other side of the camera, I look like this.

Actually, the short answer is that I kinda fell into the whole photography thing. And the long and gory (for those who want to know) details follow.

At ISU I stated out majoring in architecture, and spent my freshman year going through the pre-professional coursework to actually get into the program. They only take 60 students each year in the professional program and I was one of them. The first semester of my sophomore year went fine. However the second semester went not so well. The most memorable part of the whole thing happened during a review, when the "Queen of the Bitches" asked me if I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about my project. I said no, and she proceeded to tell me that I shouldn't be in architecture because I slept through the night. Apparently, since I had a life outside of architecture (including sleep) she felt I was unfit to be an architecture student.

So that took me to my junior year. Since I had one good semester and one bad, this one was the tie breaker...and it sucked. I had a good prof, so that wasn't the problem, it just didn't work. I was much too logical for the kind of design they wanted. I've always liked photography and the only class that I really enjoyed was my architectual photography class and I wasn't about to suffer through five more studios to only use one class out of my degree. I dropped my six credit studio and switched my major to journalism.

The so-called visual communications program at Iowa State is more advertising related than anything else. They had one photojournalism class so after I took that and a few other basics, I did a national student exchange to Ball State in Municie, IN and took a semester of photoj classes. After that, I took an internship for the Kenosha News in WI, graduated and took a job in Sheldon, IA for a newspaper which I quit (HOORAY, but that's another story) to get married and move to North Carolina with Brent.

And so, here I am, in North Carolina for about 2 year before we move again. The newspapers in the area don't have enough to keep me busy with freelance work, so I'm starting to put together marketing packages to find work as a portrait photographer or a wedding photographer or a pet photographer or an event photographer or...well, let's just say I'm flexible. Maybe in five years I'll volunteer to shoot our class reunion. In the meantime if any of you have a wedding coming up... I'll even give you a big discount!



This is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


'Thaaaaaaanks, for the memories'...Sure wish I had some of that OJ this morning!

I heard that the theatre might be doing Oliver Twist, and my vote is definitely for Goatman to play Fagan!

Ginger, I'm not sure why your comment section isn't working - or maybe you didn't allow comments?

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Where did all the teachers go?

If I remember correctly, Mr, Daleiden finally cleaned out his classroom (what a disgusting job that would be!) and retired. Are any of the teachers we had left?

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Isn't this the greatest memory-conjuring image EVER?? Posted by Hello

Just so Mr. Knox didn't feel left out...

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I'm sure he is near tears for not being in the last one.

Isn't it a wonder that I became a photographer looking at this? I blame the camera. Serious backfocus issue. If only it had a macro feature...


Our dear friend Jay allowed me to beg to be included in this little slice o' heaven on the web after I foolishy brushed it aside after his generous initial offer. In any case, I'm no longer lurking in the shadows, but I'm pretty sure I should have asked what the initiaion is first.

Too late now. Let the hazing begin...


Gmail = Heaven

Who wants a Gmail invitation?

I have gobs of 'em, and I can't think of a better group of people to offer them to.

Don't know what Gmail is? Been living under a rock? Click here..

Gmail is from Google and gives you 1 GB (GigaByte) of storage - that's a LOT. It is currently in Beta, which means it is in testing phase and not available to the general public. Those with accounts (like yours truly) are given a finite number of invitations, to allow others to try it out.

Let me know if you'd like to get an account! You can get the address you want now, before all the good ones get taken when it goes public!


My driving excitement

Me, Meredith, Kyle, and Sunfire
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As I was saying, Reb, your commercial picure is better; but I thought I'd show my Pontiac, as well as the sibs.

My eyes Hurt

Might I say that you all look STUNNING!!! Just glad I wasn't there to be immortalized too!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Ahhh... from our 9th grade band trip to Florida Posted by Hello

Fun with pictures

Since Anne seems upset about the lack of activity, and I was bored the other day and sorted through my pictures, I thought I'd share some that jumped out at me. One for now, some later...

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Saturday, October 02, 2004


Anyone out there??

(Crickets, crickets)